Tropical Hardwood Brokers, INC is a Timber producer and multinational company in the Wood & Timber industry. Our mission is to be a leader in quality and sustainable forest products in each of the markets we serve, delivering always as promised to our customers, increasing our market position, thereby maximizing value to customers and shareholders.

THB is built on these fundamentally sound principles and practices throughout our business:

THB believes in high standards and conducts each and every interaction with employees, customers, suppliers and business partners with utmost integrity.

THB is committed to producing products that meet or exceed all customer requirements and applicable Regulatory standards. Quality is not a delegated responsibility and every person from the office to the field throughout Our organization is committed and held to achieving this Quality standard in the performance of their duties.

Commitment to our Clients
We work with our buyers to understand and define their requirements before, during and after the sale to ensure they are getting what they require and to maintain a lasting relationship.

THB employees and those who work on behalf of our company always must maintain the highest standard Code of Ethics and Business Conduct to ensure the quality and commitment to our clients.


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About Us at Tropical Hardwood Brokers

The beginning

Tropical Hardwood Brokers, INC (THB) was founded in Jan 2018 by Jerry Harvey in Florida, USA. THB has taken on additional shareholders as of Jan 2019, in Todd Beasley, Richard Eldridge, Hank Petty and Landcare Concepts. Since founding, the company has seen tremendous growth in a short period to include our own forest land concessions in South America. Our expansion has allowed us to harvest our own timber, as well as, secure in-house transport with barges, tugboats, and multiple other pieces of equipment needed to allow all operations to flow smoothly without the need to contract to outside companies to fulfill commitments.


More About Us

Doing more together

We are a hard-working group of people that strive to exceed our own expectations and we apply this philosophy daily in our business practice. We realize that you have current working business relationships and we are extending our company and products to help supply and further the success of both our companies. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to engage in discussions of how we may be of service in the future.

Tropical Hardwood Brokers sources it’s wood from the South American country of Suriname. We have resources to maintain a steady supply of several species native to the region. We can supply round logs, cants, rough lumber and some finished boards. We own the land concessions of over 13,000 hectares and source from others in the country. We have several species that are available quickly in cubic meter quantities over 4,000 m3 per month. Take a look at our Species area to see common varieties and don’t hesitate to inquire about lesser known or specialty orders.

In Control of Production

We are not bound by outside resources

We own the equipment needed and used from saws, skidders, excavators to our 60 foot wide by 150 foot long barge we use to transport timber down river to the Port of Suriname.  Most operations depend on and require other companies to provide equipment and services to achieve their production.

Because we have everything from staff to equipment in house, we are not held up on delivering our product to market. Our forest concessions contain over 13,000 hectares of prime tropical timber ready for harvest in excess of 325,000 cubic meters of timber or 137,800,000 board foot of lumber. We currently can produce over 4,000 cubic meters of timber per month. We have in stock at our landing over 10,000 cubic meters of varying species available for immediate purchase.


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