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 A Multinational Company

Tropical Hardwood Brokers, INC is a timber producer and supplier of exotic hardwood logs and lumber sourced from South America and is headquartered in the State of Florida in the United States of America and registered under Tropical Hardwood Brokers, INC.

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What Sets Us Apart

Tropical Hardwood Brokers at work. We believe in working closely with our partners in the business world. We supply the products you sell, so we know that if what we produce for you is always what is expected, we will also succeed. Quality, production and Timeliness are always our priority.

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Let Us Lead The Way

We have over 13,000 hectares of prime rain forest timber so we are able to select the best timber for harvest. This means when you contract and buy from our company you will always receive large diameter quality logs from any of the species we deliver.

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Forest King Transport N.V.

This is Our forest operations company in Suriname, from which we harvest and transport fresh cut timber from our land concessions to the sawmill, other landings and the Port of Suriname for export.

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Nickerie Interwood Sawmill N.V.

This is Our Sawmill Company we operate in Suriname and Our Licensed land concession holder from which we can mill round logs to square logs, rough cut green lumber, posts and slabs.

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This will be Our Online retail area for finished products such as boards, slabs, Turnery Stock and decking etcetera, that is in stock and currently available to individuals and small business. US delivery and pick up only from this site.

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Naturally durable

The elements demand strong and durable timber for the construction of marine and outdoor constructions, the natural resistance to the elements make these projects last 50 years or better in some cases even while un-treated, meaning less impact on the environment without the need of chemicals to provide the protection

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